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How to Setup a pirate bay proxy

If you would like to set up your thepiratebay mirror or proxy, you can do it this way:

Now, when your server is configured and ready to hold scripts made specifically to either online or offline mirror the main website, we need to find one on GitHub. Sometimes those scripts are deprecated and do not update anymore, but the ThePirateBay community should always catch up with changes at least on 1 or 2 hands at any given moment. For example, in 2021, you can find at least two working ones. We list repository names below:

  1. UnblockedPiratebayClean
  2. This one is the most popular and stable. The way it works is through AJAX requests when it comes to loading content of pages and with Javascript when it comes to loading additional information. You can find commented functions in the main.js file, which is located in the Static folder. When the client opens this mirror, it sends a request to the TPB API, gets a response, and shows its contents on your domain. All static frontend parts, for example, images and style files, are already inside this repository. That means you don't even need to proxy it. It will be working even when the primary address will be offline. However, there might be some difficulties when it comes to getting content since API should be online for this proxy to work, which is not a problem usually since it placed on a different domain address, so when the indexer gets blocked or seized, everything will be fine until the team makes a new domain.

  3. PHP-The-Pirate-Bay-Proxy
  4. This is another one, less popular, but still, it works fine. It was last updated on April 25, 2020, before the last changes were introduced to the website, so it is deprecated already but still should be working fine. You can use it as a backup since it doesn't work through API, and when it is down, your mirror should still be functioning until the main website gets down. We do not recommend using this repository as the primary way of proxying.

How To Run The Pirate Bay Mirror As Smooth As Possible

Reliable Web Hosting

Hosting torrent mirrors or proxy is extremely sensitive. If you are using web hosting designed for general purposes, you'll get banned quickly since those companies don't want to deal with DMCA complaints and copyright troublesome. You need to find either a company fighting for your rights or at least try to defend you by ignoring those complaints until they get a court order of any sort. Even then, hosting companies like Njalla would still try to win the case for you, so we recommend using this one. Bulletproof hosting is also the way to do it, but it gets pretty pricey very fast.

Private Domain Registrar

The same thing happens here. If your domain registrar gets complaints from the owner, it will usually just drop you from their services without giving your money back for some terms of service violation. You need to find a reliable or better bulletproof domain registrar, for example, Njalla, which will not only hide your identity in whois but also won't turn off your domain right away.

CDN Provider

We highly advise using something like Cloudflare or Incapsula to hide your server IP address and, on top of that, speed up your website by caching all requests. Also, it will help you find abuse very fast since you can look in your control panel how many requests go through per day and set up a few filters which will help you from any attacks.

Configure SSL

This will help your users to get more privacy when visiting your website. On top of that, it sometimes helps to bypass bans from your local network provider since sometimes they ban only URL's and since you can't log your client's URL if the client is sending requests through it, you can't ban this request until you ban domain as a whole.

As previously mentioned, SSL providers usually would get you a certificate for free, so you don't even need to pay anything to make it work.


We recommend using NGINX for this type of website. We recommend using NGINX, Apache is okay too, but it is not the most reliable method of proxying things. Also, NGINX can be highly optimized for a lot of requests per second.