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Privacy Policy

We run the website completely free of charge for personal usage. This implies you are free to use our platform without paying anyone anything as long as it is not disruptive to our users. This is also not limited to organizations and companies, but you should link our address in this case.

No one can use our platform to commit fraud violations, log information about visitors (IP Addresses, etc.), track other users, or doing activities that would be considered intrusive. For example, you are not allowed to send HTTP requests too fast.

The website is private. We do not promise its availability for other people at any given moment, but we do our best to ensure that. We will not take any responsibility for your loss of profit or something similar during our downtimes and failures.

We do not take responsibility for mirrors listed on our website since they are community moderated and free to run their project however they want. Still, we do not tolerate intrusive ad behavior or something similar, and we may change them from time to time to another address.

We have the right to announce any information about violating usage of our service publicly. For example, domains, IP Addresses, headers, and any other information that is part of our website should be considered our rights to publish it.

This page may be changed at any given moment without notice, but we do mark the updated date.

Opening our website means that you accept our policy listed on this web page.