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About Us

Our project allows you to find many reliable, stable, and privacy-oriented mirrors to access the most prominent torrent website since 2003. We do not show intrusive ads or record your activity.

Whenever you need to download something, you go to your address bar and type If you do it without a VPN, you probably will get a statement from your network provider explaining that this website is violating copyright, which is why it was blocked. At this point, you are not able to use it, so your only way of accessing the website is to install TOR and shuffle your identity until you get an IP without an active ban, or download a VPN and do it there, but what we are offering to you is a ready-to-go window which you can use with two clicks to find your way into the torrent database with categories, names, sizes, and popularity indicators.

Our project uses privacy-oriented web hosting and a domain registrar called Njalla, which protects us from being targeted for copyright complaints and you as a user. We do not store any files on our server. We add domains that we think are reliable enough to use.